Simply Fun Childcare Center Inc. 

"Nurturing and Inspiring Children As They  Grow And Learn"
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"Nurturing and Inspiring Children as They Grow and Learn"

 “Miss Brenda”  

I have been teaching in the Child Care field for 41+ years and enjoy the challenge of nurturing and caring for our young children. In 1974 I attended the Early Childhood Education program at Mount Royal College in Calgary. From 1974-1987 I taught and substituted at Childcare Centers in Calgary, Red Deer, Sidney and Victoria. In 1987 I opened Simply Fun Playschool which is still successfully running to full capacity, and since then I have opened 4 more locations. I will be opening a 6th location in 2019.  I have wonderful, kind, loving, nurturing, exceptional qualified teachers at my facilitiesand I would like to invite you to come by for a tour if you are currently seeking care for your child or children.

        In the last 30+ years I have enrolled in seminars to develop and enhance my business, spiritual and personal growth.  I am a mentor for members of Living in Balance Seminars. I am also a certified Fitness Instructor and have been teaching on and off for 25 years. Fitness will always be apart of my daily routine. Health and Fitness has always been a passion of mine and I share my knowledge with all my childcare families :) " All my centers promote healthy eating habits"

        I have attended several courses conducted by Allison Reese (Parenting Seminar Leader). I have also had the opportunity to be a facilitator for small groups in the past and have returned to Allison's parenting courses to continue my education with the goal of becoming a guest speaker.

        I feel the choices that I have made benefit each and every child I care for.  It is my mission to build self confidence, self esteem and self worth in each child in my center, and for children to discover their true heart.

Living in Balance -Join the Movement

This isn't your traditional business coaching. This is a holistic approach designed specifically for women to work from the inside out .  We help you create purpose driven wealth in all areas of your life.  

This program is a space for entrepreneurial-spirited women, who want to create balance in their life in order to take their businesses to the next level of financial abundance, and freedom.  It is a brilliant, like-minded, mentored support system that creates real results through focusing on the inner game.  The mentors are women entrepreneurs who have achieved financial success and draw from real experience to offer support and guidance. 

More time for you and your family, more money, better health....these are just some of the successes we have seen with women who embark on this journey.

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